There is something wrong with Mankind and it’s name is unhappiness.

This unhappiness is the real cause behind all personal, as well as all other global problems.

And in truth, it is not necessary to be unhappy. Yet also in truth, only the individual man or woman can ever stop their own unhappiness.

Being unhappy is a symptom of ‘normal’ consciousness and so the only real way to stop
unhappiness permanently is to somehow become more conscious than normal.

The Stop Your Unhappiness ebook reveals how this is done.

Yet it only reveals the way, it cannot do it for anyone.
Doing it is the responsibility of each individual, as it should be.

There is a better way to live, but only the rare individual who really cares about what they are creating will actually be willing to do it.

I am a genuine spiritual teacher who’s own freedom from unhappiness has been well tested over the last 20 years.
As such what I communicate is a very practical wisdom beyond the normal ‘new age’ type information.

Typically most spiritual progress in this world is only imaginary and for this reason even many seasoned seekers will find the 39 pages of this ebook invaluable in getting them back on track.

Stop Your Unhappiness is for the genuine student of life who is ready and willing to change their own self because they see that this is what life is really all about.

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If the aliens exist then it must be because they found a way to progress without destroying themselves. They must have evolved beyond the primitive conditions of greed, conflict, unhappiness and violence. This would not have been done by blindly pursuing technology alone, but by somehow becoming more truly intelligent themselves.

This has never been a high priority for us humans because Man has been obsessed with trying to change everything ‘out there’. And so we ourselves very rarely ever change, we just come up with better ways to harm ourselves, each other, and our planet, and all in a vain attempt to become happy.

Drug abuse, suicide, domestic violence, bullying, obesity, crime, stress, and mental illness are not only epidemic, but are now accepted as growing problems that have no real solutions. Humanity remains blind to the fact that all of these things are self created. Created by our own unconscious relationships to life. We have believed in the world out there so much that this world now owns us. The ‘normal’ individual has been reduced to little more than an unhappy unconscious consumer. We know that this fails to fulfil us and yet we cannot stop ourselves because it’s the only form of ‘goodness’ that is being offered.

There is no easy way out, there are no quick fixes. But there is a way. And it requires each individual to change the way they relate to life. Changing the way ‘I’ relate to life slowly starts to change ‘me’. I start to become more conscious, less robotic, less needy. I start to see into reality more clearly, the reality of my self, and the reality of life. I begin to see how I’ve been creating my own problems by living so unconsciously. I start to free myself of all the dead conditioning which has been put into me by living in this world. It also becomes very clear that the world is not the same thing as Life. This world is what we have done with life and it is not truly good.

Real intelligence comes about by ‘me’ waking up to myself and to the true goodness of life. This is the real origin of all those fairy tales about princesses being awoken from their deep sleep by the kiss of some hero. In truth each individual is the hero of their own life, once they have risen above their own unhappiness.

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The hippies were right, well half right anyway. They were right in seeing that what this world really needs is a revolution of love. What they didn’t see was just what such a thing actually requires.

In the 1960’s and 70’s revolution was in the air. Worldwide so many people, young and not so young, jumped on the hippie bandwagon and took a magical mystery tour to nowhere. The goal had finally been made clear though, and it was peace and love and the freedom from unhappiness.

Such things can only be made real within individuals though. If the hippies had looked closer they would have seen this and much more. And a few did. A small number of individuals did in fact travel the whole road, and I count myself very fortunate to be one of those. This road has never been well sign posted though, simply because so few have ever managed to travel it. The revolution that is really needed is not ‘out there’, it takes place only within the individual who recognises its true value.

Unconsciously the average hippie assumed that the world out there would somehow magically change just because they wanted it to. But the only thing wrong with the world is what’s wrong with the individuals who make up this world. And most individuals have no intention of ever changing very much about themselves. That’s the catch.

Everyone is really looking for the true goodness of life, in their own way, and yet this still remains but a vague day dream for the great bulk of humanity. This is not something which can be taught intellectually however, it can only be awakened within the individual who discovers how it’s really done. Finding out how it’s done is the responsibility of any true seeker.

We have become a race of blind followers though and unhappiness is the result. Somehow everyone knows that life on earth is not meant to be like this and yet so few ever seriously seek the answer. Rising above unhappiness is obviously essential if this timeless dream is ever to become a reality for anyone.

Life is good and this goodness always awaits the rare individual who is ready to embrace it. Long live the revolution.

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Real intelligence is not academic, nor intellectual. The great bulk of our formal and informal education then is really only mental conditioning. This then creates normal unconscious and robotic individuals who are disconnected from any true goodness. And it’s this narrow unfulfilling way of life which most of humanity is trying to escape from.

Being ‘normal’ then is a very limited experience of life, and of wisdom, and of love. And this normality eventually leads to the same place, unhappiness. This is also the real reason why most of our relationships become problematic or unfulfilling sooner or later as well.

This world is not going to be changing, at least not for the better, simply because real intelligence isn’t even on it’s radar yet. This means that only the rare individual can awaken their true intelligence now.

There is a life beyond unhappiness, beyond fear, and beyond suffering, for those who can start to see what lies beyond those normal ways of living.

This true goodness of life is what everyone is really looking for.

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